The Original Double Pleated Beard Mask - Bearded Mane
Tan, steel and black Bearded Mane Double Pleated Beard Mask - main image
Inside view of cotton flannel layer of the Bearded Mane Double Pleated Beard Mask
Adjustable ear loop and neck strap detail of the Bearded Mane Double Pleated Beard Mask
Before and after shot of bearded man with standard mask on and Double Pleated Bearded Mane beard mask on, for comparison
Bearded Mane Double Pleated Beard Mask front view
Bearded Mane Double Pleated Beard Mask side view
Available outside and inside fabric colors for the Bearded Mane Double Pleated Beard Mask, Tan, steel, black, cream and caramel

Bearded Mane

Double Pleated Beard Mask

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Our two layer, double pleated, reusable beard mask features a 100% cotton outside layer, with a 100% cotton flannel inner layer, both chosen for their natural filtering and breathability qualities. The double pleat design allows for complete face coverage for men with light, medium and semi-full beard lengths. Adjustable ear loops, combined with elastic neck ties, allows for various, versatile and comfortable fit options.

Available in tan, steel, or black outer fabric, with choice of cream or caramel flannel inner. Featuring adjustable metal nose and face trim, 1/4" elastic ear loops with adjustable toggle clasps, and spandex neck ties to accommodate different sized faces and beards. 

Handmade to order in Georgia, USA. *Please allow 10-16 business days for order production and 5-7 business days for USPS shipment.

*This mask is not a replacement for surgical or N95 masks. But is still good for landscaping, painting, woodworking and general safety when in public.

Care + Wash Instructions:  Wash mask with soap and warm water. Mask should fit snug for best results. Air dry only, no heat. Make sure mask is dry before each use. 

Do not microwave. Do not bleach. Do not iron elastic.

Materials:  [Outside Layer] 100% preshrunk cotton  [Inside Layer] 100% preshrunk cotton flannel  [Ear Loops] 1/4" Braided Elastic Strap  [Neck Ties] 20% Spandex / 80% polyester.  Contains face trim made from metal.

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