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Duke University Face Mask Study

In this insane environment, where face mask wearing is seen as a political choice, rather than a scientific one, it's always welcome when scientific experiments prove things. Recently, Duke University released containment tests on different masks, made from a variety of fabric materials....with lasers. If you can't get behind a test like this, then I'm not sure what you believe in anymore. Our 100% cotton masks, fall somewhere between 'Cotton 5' (image 13) and 'Cotton 6' (image 7), generally speaking, in terms of similar materials and style. Which, safety speaking, is a confirmation of the materials that we here, at Bearded Mane, have always been confident, make our masks a superior product, respectively. https://nypost.com/2020/08/11/duke-university-face-mask-researchers-share-more-on-study/

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