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Duke University Face Mask Study

In this insane environment, where face mask wearing is seen as a political choice, rather than a scientific one, it's always welcome when scientific experiments prove things. Recently, Duke University released containment tests on different masks, made from a variety of fabric materials....with lasers. If you can't get behind a test like this, then I'm not sure what you believe in anymore. Our 100% cotton masks, fall somewhere between 'Cotton 5' (image 13) and 'Cotton 6' (image 7), generally speaking, in terms of similar materials and style. Which, safety speaking, is a confirmation of the materials that we here, at Bearded Mane, have always been confident, make our masks a superior product, respectively. https://nypost.com/2020/08/11/duke-university-face-mask-researchers-share-more-on-study/

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Bearded Mane® by Vellus & Terminal

When the folks at Vellus & Terminal write a review, it reads like an adventure! Here at Bearded Mane®, we're proud of the quality of products that we deliver and they've taken notice. Check out their latest reviews of our Nile Blue Beard Oil, Rustic Mint Beard Balm and Saharan Musk Beard Oil. With thorough reviews that will take you on a journey of sensory and detailed product descriptions, you'll be wondering why no one's hired them to write a beard novel!

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