CDC Beard Poster – Bearded Mane

CDC Beard Poster

CDC Facial Hairstyles for Respirators

As we all are living in a very unusual time these days, with the threat of the coronavirus spreading, the eternal question is whether to wear a mask or not, and whether to wear a beard or not. If you do have a beard, and are thinking about shaving it because of this CDC issued info graphic, please consider the facts surrounding our current situation, and the poster itself. This article, by is very informative about both.

"Whoever dug the poster up must have missed the actual current coronavirus advice regarding respiratory protection, in which the "CDC does not recommend the routine use of respirators outside of workplace settings (in the community)"."

So don't shave that beard just yet, unless of course you're in the medical profession, and a tight sealing respirator is essential for your job. That's where the CDC generated poster comes into play, and you may need to trim that 'French Fork" into a "Zappa".

For the rest of us not in the medical profession, keep the beard! When in public, adhere to the actual CDC guidelines, and refer to any state or local guidelines about face mask use in public. Generally speaking, cloth masks similar to surgical masks are considered the best public option. And if you can't find a mask that fits your beard very well, stay tuned, we're working on that...

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