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Brand Ambassador @the_bearded_john_q!

 As for most of the country and world, it's been a long year for all of us here at Bearded Mane, but we're excited to begin a new summer, on Father's Day this year! We're even more excited and proud to introduce our newest brand ambassador, the man behind the beard, John Q!

As a New England native of Hamden, Connecticut, the former iron worker now works in the railroad industry, where his beard helps to keep him warm on those cold, wintry nights outside. His beard story is uniquely similar to many of the common reasons men decide to grow and maintain facial hair. In his motorcycle club, there are often competitions to see who has the longest beard. John says he always used to have a goatee, but when he started to lose hair on top, he decided to grow it out to full length. The last time he was clean shaven was in 2015, when he had to pass a full respirator safety qualification test. “If I shave it off, it feels like I lost something,” recalling that day.

COVID definitely changed many men's hair habits, but John says he's only had trims since the pandemic. One thing that did change, is that he wasn't able to be Santa Claus this year for family and friends, as he usually does. For a man with his size and color beard, he says he gets the reference a lot, especially during the holidays. He told us about an encounter a few years earlier, while in a hibachi restaurant. A mother and her son were seated alongside John and his family around the grill, and the boy kept staring at him. His mother finally motioned and hinted that John talk to the boy, as he seemed to be in complete wonder. It's those type of moments, that John says having a beard, has had such a positive influence on the world!

When it comes to growing and maintaining a beard, John has some good advice for both the novice and experienced Bearded Mane. His number one piece of advice, is to “Stay the course.” This sounds simple in theory, but it takes a steady daily routine to wash, condition, brush and trim a beard of John's length. If you're just starting out, growing any type of facial hair or beard, working through those first 2 weeks of the “itching period,” can be difficult. It's during this time, but especially after this point, where beard oils are so important to maintain the moisture in both the facial hair, and the skin underneath. John uses beard oil to maintain the softness and sheen, and also uses beard balm, to help shape and sculpt his magnificent beast of a beard!

Once again, help us all give a warm Bearded Mane welcome to our newest ambassador, John Q! Follow him on Instagram as he begins his Bearded Mane adventures!

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